“Although Alvin Fisher has spent most of his adult life being an IT whiz and raising a wonderful family, his passion for music has never left him—and it’s inspiring to see him pursuing his dreams now and sharing his brilliant musical gifts with the world. Few of the folks on the jazz cruises knew of his tech background and most didn’t care—he was just an amazing cat they never heard of, keeping pace and stealing thunder from the heavies they paid to see. Fisher made a powerful impression on the cruise stages, just as he has done playing different types of jazz all over the country, keeping alive the legacy of an instrument that is so important to the history of jazz but all too often overlooked. Starting with “La La (Means I Love You)” and a host of exciting originals and uniquely arranged covers, Fisher is now embarking on a full time performing and recording career, and everyone who has been following his musical evolution is excited. He’s a soulful force of nature that inspires everyone he touches, musically and otherwise.” – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide, Wine and Jazz

Alvin Fisher — ABSOFLUTELY
Smooth Jazz Ride.Com
Aug. 10, 2013
Flutist Alvin Fisher displays some cool finesse on his debut album Absoflutely. Delivering on some smooth covers and a couple of tight originals, the flutist employs his guitarist son Alvin II and the lovely and talented keyboardist Gail Jhonson in an attempt to spice things up a bit. I’d say he was quite successful in that attempt.

Displaying charm, style, and creative interpretation on covers of tunes ranging from K’Jon’s “On the Ocean” to the Burt Bacharach/Hal David tune “Never Get to Heaven” to the killer tune by Herbie Mann “Memphis Underground” to a funky version of Eddy Grant’s soundtrack to “Romancing the Stone” to the Delfonics’ “La La Means I Love You,” Fisher does equally as much justice to his own songs — the lead and title track and the R&B-laced “The Good Life.”

Fisher saw much action and received much attention on the original All Star Smooth Jazz Cruises, as well as at several festivals, including the Old Pasadena Jazz Festival in CA, Chicago’s House of Blues, and the renowned Berks Jazz Festival in PA.

After first releasing a successful and appealing version of “La La Means I Love You” as a single a few years back, the flutist decided to launch a full CD here with that single included. Wise choice indeed.

The album is more of a diverse tribute to some fine music created over the years than an all-out display of originals, but Fisher manages something magical here nonetheless. With the addition of his own music and a great sense of insight where the covers are concerned, this flutist excels. – Ronald Jackson

Interview with Lori Ness in Seattle

Listen to this great interview done with Prime Radio DJ Lori Ness
from Seattle Wave Radio! 

Alvin discusses his new CD Absoflutely
and describes how his son Alvin II contributed his excellent guitar
playing to the project!  Hear the music from the CD also!   

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